The Vigil For Life

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Vigil For LifeThe Vigil for Life held on the 19th of January 2013 was the largest ever Pro-Life Rally held in Ireland. The event which had a (Garda Estimated) 30,000 people in attendance was to protest the proposal by the Fine Gael led government to legislate for abortion in Ireland despite the fact they had promised not to do so in their election campaign in 2011.

Who was at Vigil for Life?

A great many people from all walks of life from across Ireland came to the vigil for life. The people in attendance weren’t from any special group or section of society, they were ordinary men, women and children who took time off their ordinary jobs and lives to attend because they felt so strongly about the abortion issue and keeping Ireland safe for future generations.

A quick look at the images from Googles image search gives you an idea of how packed the attendance was and what kind of people were there.

Who spoke at Vigil for Life?

The pro-life movement in Ireland is truly a movement of the ordinary people. Even Micky Harte who spoke, and who has some degree of notoriety as a GAA coach, spoke as an ordinary man about the warmth and love of Ireland for all innocents but especially the unborn. Other speakers included Níamh Uí Bhrían of the Life Institute, David Manly of Family & Life and Bernadette Goulding of Women Hurt. From each speaker, though they represented different perspectives, the message was the same. Abortion is unacceptable not alone because it takes the life of an unborn child, but also that it causes untold damage to women who are misled about the nature of the child they carry and the affect the abortion will have on them, both physically and emotionally, in the short and long term.

Will the Politicians Listen?

The question of whether the politicians will listen to the people is a difficult one. This Pro Life Pledge campaign is aimed at those politicians who have ignored their own consciences and convictions to treat this issue as though it were any other party political negotiating tool. If they cannot see that there cannot be a compromise regarding the sanctity of life and the application of basic human rights (not civil rights, but human rights) equally to all people, then perhaps they can see the foreshortening of their political careers because of their lack of principles.

Sign the Pledge and help us motivate Fine Gael to listen to the people.