Evidence of Medical Experts is that Abortion is NOT a treatment for suicide

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ALL the expert medical testimony to the Oireachtas committee stated clearly that abortion is NEVER an appropriate treatment for suicidality. The Government is still intent on not only legislating for abortion but including “threat of suicide” as a valid reason for abortion despite all the evidence they gathered from medical experts stating clearly it is NOT.

Life Altering Decisions

In fact the psychiatrists and other medical experts stated explicitly that a suicidal person would be advised to NEVER make life altering decisions when feeling suicidal or severely depressed.

Watch the video below an hear the testimony from the medical professionals who actually deal with suicidal women.

Know the Facts? Sign the Pledge!

Now you know the facts about abortion and suicide and how this Government consistently ignore medical and scientific evidence in the abortion debate. Please sign the pledge and send a message to Fine Gael and our political elite that legislating for abortion means you will NEVER vote for them again.