About the Pledge

Vigil For Life

In January 2013 the Life Institute and several other Pro-Life organisations started this pledge drive.

The aim of the Pro Life Pledge is build on the success of the Vigil For Life held in January 2013 that attracted over 20,000 Pro Life people to protest the governments intention to legislate for abortion despite the weight of scientific and medical evidence.

The pledge is quite simple. It is a pledge that if the Fine Gael breaks the assurances they gave before the last election and legislates for abortion that you will never vote for them again.

Some people have said that this is quite a drastic pledge to make. We would ask any person who considers themselves pro-life to consider this.

Does any party that feels that the lives of the most innocent and the most vulnerable are something that can be traded away as a political bargaining chip really deserve your vote?

Take the pledge, send a message to all Irish political parties that the Irish people won’t be ignored on abortion.